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Backup vs. Malware

At FBTS we’ve recently seen a high incidence of viruses that can really damage your computer. These viruses encrypt your data, and unless you are willing to pay the culprits a “ransom”, you will not get your files back. Back in October, on the TV series “The Good Wife”, the staff at the law office Stern,Read More –>

Security Threats and Your Computer

Is 100% virus prevention possible? Safe Internet use should be a number one priority for businesses to maintain productivity and to reduce downtime. In an era where business computer users increasingly depend on the Internet to conduct all manner of business, business owners need to ensure that network vulnerabilities can be reduced and downtime canRead More –>

Reducing IT Investment Using Virtualization

Companies need to balance a need to save money on IT investment with a need for reliable applications and hardware. Two truths in the IT world are: hardware eventually fails support for older software eventually ends To small businesses and large corporations alike this means: Business owners and IT managers have to plan for updatesRead More –>

Disasters and Your Data

You may have a backup, but is your backup safe, reliable, and can you recover quickly enough for your business needs? I am again in the Remedy Café in Edmonton Alberta where I just saw a waitress shatter her iPhone as she walked back to the kitchen. I’m currently sharing a table with a futureRead More –>

Working on the Road

The Internet and Cloud computing offer true workforce mobility if you are bold enough to make the leap. I am sitting at Remedy café on the corner of Jasper and 103rd in Edmonton as I frequently do whenever I come to Alberta. While the food, the atmosphere and the staff are all excellent, I wouldRead More –>

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